The rain


Year: 2016.

Duration: 15`

Director: Ines Pletikos

Writer: Ines Pletikos

Camera: Goran Legović

Editor: Danilo-Lola Ilić

Music: Livio Morosin, Folklorno društvo Galižana, Folklorno društvo Vodnjan

Producer: Marko Zdravković-Kunac


Through the story of a traditional song “La piova” we enter a vanishing Italian enclave in southern Istria. Today almost deserted, the towns Vodnjan, Galižana and Bale cherish their customs through their small folklore ensembles, aware of their uniqueness and importance for the community. The film discusses the function of heritage in preserving the identity of the community. Besides other protagonists and the folklore societies of Galižana and Vodnjan with their lavish performances, in the movie also appears Livio Morosin, Istrian musician who raised the ethnic heritage of southern Istra to a sublime level of artistic performance.